Inflatable Water Park VS Fiberglass Water Park

- Apr 17, 2020-


Comparing with inflatable water park (PVC tarpaulin) , FRP(Fiber glass) water park has many unbeatable advantages such as :

● Higher Strength

● Long Working Life 

● Good Appearance 

● Better Experience of Playing

● Higher Stability and Safety

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Higher Strength

FRP is made of by using Gel coat resin pasting with multilayer fiber glass. It is high strength material which can be using under the temperature of at least 50 ℃Epoxy resin can be up to  200~300 ℃ 

As for the inflatable water slide is only made of by using PVC tarpaulin, easy to broke when there is any sharp object.



Long Working Life 

Due to the rub between the slide and the ground ,the inflatable water slide is easy to broke and leak air. Customer have to spend a lot of time to fix the air leakage points .What is more , the sunshine will accelerated the aging of the PVC Tarpaulin. So the service life of PVC Tarpaulin is only 2~3 years , however, FRP (Fiber glass)is more than 10 years .


Good Appearance

FRP water park to give the feeling of the grade is significantly higher than the inflatable water slide, especially after 2-3 years using .The inflatable water park is not much to look at.

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Better Experience of Playing

Inflatable slide can only do regular gliding due to the structure problem, The mainly customer is young teenagers and children ,however, FRP material can be customized to different height ,shape, angle for straight gliding or spiral gliding which can bring more fun to both Children and Adult .

Higher Stability and Safety

FRP water park shall be installed by using steel structure and concrete civil work so it is very stable even under the heavy rain and strong wind. But, the inflatable water park is only installed by using anchor point (connecting with ropes) , the stability and safety can not be assure during the bad weather.